Fat White Family ‘Touch The Leather’

So good

2 April 2014 ·

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St. Vincent


St. Vincent // Psychopath

favorite song on a terrific album

7 March 2014 ·

Drives are more pleasant to the tune of…

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14 December 2013 ·

Fave Songs of all Time - #3 Cut Copy - Going Nowhere

It was during my first trip to NYC in December 2005 that this song finally registered in my head. I had heard it before 12/05, probably while scouring the MP3s downloaded by my brother in the computer at home but I am not sure. In any case, it seems to me that every night I went out during those 10 days in NYC this song was played.

I am going to focus on one of those nights in particular because I associate Going Nowhere with that night. On December 30, 2005 I went to this place called Avalon. Inside, it looked like a church (in fact later on I learned that the place used to be an Episcopal Church). The party was called “Only for Professionals” or something like that. The title of the party was a reference to the fact that the party was being held the day before the last day of the year (and who goes out to party on the penultimate night of the year? Professionals, obviously!). Also:

  • The Juan MacLean was playing (I did not see them for some reason);
  • the party was being used to launch First Impressions of Earth by The Strokes (at the end of the night, I ended up with some Strokes swag and vinyls);
  • and last but not least there was an hour of open Redbull Vodka bar.

I remember dancing to Going Nowhere, maybe more than one time :) 

PS: On January 1, 2006 I grabbed a copy of the NY Times at La Guardia Airport in which they reviewed the party. I brought it with me and I still have it. Here is a pic with the review of the party:


26 November 2013 ·

Fave Songs of all Time - #2 XTC - The Mayor of Simpleton

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s I had plenty of time to dig into the back catalogue of bands from the 60s, 70s, and 80s (I was still in college. College never really took up all my time). One of the bands I remember being cited by several bands as influence was XTC. At the time, I only knew one song by XTC, Making Plans For Nigel (thanks to a cover version made by Robbie Williams, of all people!).

I started by listening to Skylarking, then I continued with every single album they released including the one they released under the moniker Dukes of Stratosphear. XTC rapidly became one of my favorite bands. Their songs are creative, clever, and catchy. Among the large amount of great songs they put out, Mayor of Simpleton stands out.

Mayor of Simpleton is a lovely, heartfelt, honest love song. It talks about how stupid you feel when you fall in love. When I say stupid, I mean not only intellectually stupid but also, emotionally stupid.

When their logic grows cold and all thinking gets done, You’ll be warm in the arms of the Mayor of Simpleton.

14 September 2013 ·

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Neko Case

Neko Case at its best

7 September 2013 ·

Fave Songs of all Time - #1 Bob Dylan - I Want You

I am not a Bob Dylan expert. In fact, I think the only Dylan record I have listened to several times is Blonde on Blonde. There is a couple of songs in that record that I loved immediately after my first listen. One of them is I Want You. 

I stumbled upon Blonde on Blonde in the early 2000s thanks to my English teacher at the time, Ralph. The company I was working for was paying foreigners to teach us English. One day this tall British guy who seemed to have been partying all night came to my office for my first lesson. We ended up talking about music the entire time. Next class we exchanged records, I think I gave him a Yo La Tengo record while he gave me Blonde on Blonde.

What I love about I Want You is how catchy the tune is and the way Dylan sings that chorus. If you’ve ever wanted somebody, it just seems appropriate to try to mimic Dylan while uttering “I Want You, I Want You…So bad”

7 September 2013 ·

My all-time favorite songs

As an avid music fan, I have been maintaining a Spotify playlist that includes my favorite songs of all time. I decided to start writing Tumblr posts about the reasons I like each of these songs.

There is always a story behind a song you like. At least that is my case. It is either the circumstances you came across the song, the people around you at the time, the important (good or bad) moments of your life the songs evoke, etc

So I am starting today. The songs are in no particular order. I love them equally

7 September 2013 ·

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Safe With Me

Sam Smith


Sam Smith - Safe With Me <3

Absolutely amazing track

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22 August 2013 ·

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If I Had A Tail

Queens Of The Stone Age


Artist: Queens Of The Stone Age

Song: If I Had A Tail

Album: …Like Clockwork

31 July 2013 ·

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